The clean, fresh scent of resin

Pine covers any cuts in its bark with resin to prevent diseases and pests from entering the wood. The clean, fresh scent of resin lingers in a house made of pine. According to old folk beliefs, it is good for both body and soul. It’s quite pleasant, that’s for sure! Pine is characteristically either rustic in its roughness, or silky smooth, depending on its finish. It is naturally a soft, reddish tone, which age and light patinate to produce slightly darker finish. A log house is splendid to look at, and inside, you are greeted by its warm, friendly ambience.

Choice of the log material

Finnish pine from local forests is the raw material of the massive logs used in Vehanen’s log houses. The forest owners and our expert partners who choose our wood material know our high quality requirements. Only the best wood material makes it to Vehanen—we’re quite strict and absolutely sure about that.

Pine or spruce can be selected as the raw material for laminated logs.

Round logs

Round log particulars are selected by the needs of the project. Typical diameter is between 145...200 mm.

log size (mm)
wood material

Massive planed logs

Typical size of a massive planed log used in Vehasen projects is 70...145 mm.

log size (mm)
wood material

Laminated logs

Size of the laminated log selected for the project depends of the total size of the building. The smallest projects can be build even on wall width so small as 88 mm. On large structures, laminated log size can be up to 250 mm.

log size (mm)
wood material

Corner assembly

corner 1

corner 2

corner 3

corner 4


Hundreds of log houses, all around the globe


Vehasen Talot has been in log house industry already for six decades. We have been designing and manufacturing log houses in West Europe, South Europe, Far East, and in the Nordic. Our experience is based on challenging projects, domestic and abroad. We know, how log house is to be build, to make is stand for storms, snowy elements and small earthquakes. Trust in Vehasen quality, so do thousands of others.